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Max Curious Productions develops, produces, and edits compelling and effective videos for television, businesses, and the web.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients based on the quality of our work, trust, and client satisfaction. We want to produce amazing work and exceed our client's expectations.

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An AMAZING opportunity....We shot in the NY Botanical Gardens for AFAR Media

Max Curious had the opportunity to shoot footage at the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx as a part of the ongoing video series we are shooting with AFAR Media. Karen Daubmann, AVP Exhibitions and Public Engagement was truly inspiring and a great interview subject...and she brought an incredible amount of wardrobe options for us to choose from. Special thanks to Gayle Snible of the NYBG PR department for pulling out all the stops.  Being surrounded by so much of nature's beauty make for a really good day at work.  


'Quiet on the set' because we are shooting a product demo video for Shiseido! Mark Ashby Media partnered with Max Curious to shoot the video footage at Aloft Studio in NYC. Thank you Charles Chilton and Nancy Kim for a great shoot.

IFC Night of Comedy at BAM Sponsored by Heineken

Multi-camera shoot of some killer comedy at BAM. Thank you IFC for the opportunity and thank you Heineken for the free comedy in Brooklyn. Great audience, great comedy, great footage. Comedians included Kara Klenk, Sheng Wang, Joe Zimmerman, and Reggie Watts. Two vignettes will roll out on IFC this fall.

CT Corp Invasion

Max Curious was working against the clock at CT Corporation's headquarters in the Google Building in NYC. We had two promo videos to shoot in a short time. We raced like spazzes to get job done and managed to finish before the elevators shut down...now time to edit. Check out the finished product below.

Sundance Channel - Dream School Teaser Shoot

A whirlwind shoot...in our little office, on a shoestring budget, with tight deadlines. Shot footage for the teaser for Sundance Channel's new series Dream School. Thank you Sundance Chanel Producer, Lisa Esselstein. Art direction by Alan Lampert and Emily Russell.

Sundance Channel - Human Kind - Phil Cooley of Ponyride in Detroit

Shooting footage with Phillip Cooley, who is transforming downtown Detroit with his efforts at Ponyride and Slows BBQ.  The edit for the next installment of Sundance Channel's Human Kind series featuring Phil Cooley and his team begins tomorrow.  The Sundance and Buick executives were on set as we shot great interviews, b-roll, and the Detroit skyline...really impressed with the transformative efforts of Phil Cooley.  Great guy, great work, great town!  Special thank you to our satellite Detroit-based crew!

Max Curious crew setting up for slider shot at Detroit's historic relic Michigan Central Station.

Max Curious crew setting up for slider shot at Detroit's historic relic Michigan Central Station.

Not all work in Memphis, TN

Max Curious is working in Memphis, TN with our favorite DNB client Pat McParland.  We are conducting an interview at Fedex HQ.  Had time to squeeze in a trolly ride, excellent BBQ, and a walk along the Mississippi River.

Pat McParland and Anneliese Paull

Great architecture.  Could be Max Curious' southern headquarters.

Mississippi River at night.

Who is the guy? David Weeks is amazing.

Shooting another installment of Sundance Channel's Human Kind series with artist David Weeks.  He's a lighting & furniture designer, a toy designer, a painter, sculptor, metal worker, and a very nice guy.  He welcomed us with open arms into his very cool Dumbo, Brooklyn studio and we spent the day with him and his team.  

MARK ASHBY Shoot in All White Studio

The crew brought some Max Curious magic to the Mark Ashby Media and shoot at Bravo Studios here in NYC.  We added some movement to the shots by mounting the camera on a dolly and track.  Great interviews, great footage, and great food (thanks Krista!).  The edit begins tomorrow.  Thanks team Max Curious!

Anneliese on Camera, Dafydd Cooksey on Sound, Charles Chilton in the Director's Chair

Great lighting.

Bringing the personality

Bringing the personality

Charles Chilton giving notes, Anneliese Paull on Camera (and on the dolly), Johnny Bergmann as Gaffer, Jed Goldberg as Grip

Shooting Lifetime's Betty & Coretta Red Carpet Premiere

The Max Curious Pro crew was shooting footage at the Betty & Coretta premiere last night at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.  It was a crowded, fun event.  Celebs were on the red carpet... Angela Bassett, Mary J. Blige, Ruby Dee, and others.  The World Premiere of Betty & Coretta is this Saturday at 8pm!  Annelise Paull was on camera and Dafydd Cooksey on sound.

Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige on the Red Carpet at premiere of Betty & Coretta

Max Curious Pro shooting red carpet for Lifetime's premiere of Betty & Coretta.  Lifetime's Ben Asher doing the interviewing.  Anneliese Paull on camera and Dafydd Cooksey on sound.

2012 Max Curious Holiday Party - Yee Haw!!!

Nothing like having a country/western finger-lickin' smorgasboard BBQ right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan.  It was a tough week at the office bringin' the cattle home, hog tying the loose ones and cleaning boot spurs...but right after we cleared the hay from the office...we headed on over to Country Hill BBQ.

Sundance Channel - Princess Bride Promo Shoot

Sundance asked us to shoot footage of regular people on the street quoting their favorite lines from the movie "The Princess Bride." Our first and ONLY response to Sundance was - "As You Wish!" The thought of saying no was just "INCONCEIVABLE!" This was such a great fun shoot right in midtown Manhattan with all the huge holiday decorations going on and all the great "people on the street" contributing their individual talents...It was just magic! - Thanks to Lisa Esselstein, from Sundance, for directing all of us!

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 5.42.03 PM.png

Sundance Channel - Grey Goose - Quiet on the Set!

The custom bars go into action along with some great crew and crafty talent!